What to do When You Become Bored of Your Passion

I once had a conversation with a business owner who loved her business but was becoming bored of the business of doing the business. The actual essence of her craft still brought her much pleasure and joy but the nitty gritty, the admin, the behind the scenes work was wearing her down. She was becoming exhausted with the process of doing, not the hard work so to speak but all the things that take up a lot of time and energy to keep the business ticking over. These things were making her tired and possibly even bored of her passion, she wasn’t representing her business brand and personal brand to the best of her ability and had no interest in any type of media exposure or even taking advantage of public speaking opportunities. I held no judgement against her, being in business is HARD WORK. It can be great fun, spectacularly freeing and filled with opportunity but it can also be exhausting, lonely and at times painful.  When it comes to losing interest in your passion it’s important to take stock. I definitely think that passions can manifest and evolve.

Here a few way that you can still enjoy your passion without falling out of love with it completely:

Delegate: Find good quality staff and/or freelancers who can help to ease the pressure and do the things that you don’t enjoy. Delegation is to be embraced, there are people who are gifted in various areas that are just not your forte and you are wasting your energy by trying to cut costs/save money by simply not investing in help.

Find New Avenues For Growth: Your passion can still be used in other areas such as public speaking, advisory, being on a board. Be strategic and think creatively.

Seek Guidance: Speak to someone you respect who can guide and support you in understanding why your energy levels are dipping. It’s good to talk not only for your over business goals but also for your mental health.

Take A Break: Sometimes that feeling of boredom or exhaustion is simply a sign that you’re about to burn out. Take a break. I understand that you might be worried that taking time off from your business means losing money but if you are struggling there won’t be a business to worry about because it will eventually fail without a happy and healthy leader.

Be Honest: Take the time to truly assess everything that you like and dislike about your business passion, take the time to weigh up the pros and cons of remaining in your current direction and then be honest. It might be time for a change, what that change will be is up to you.

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully provides you with a guide to help you in the midst of any confusion or doubt. Whilst I would love to simply say “never give up” for some people it’s not as simple as that, for some it’s about finding another way as opposed to not giving up.

Remember the most successful people find ways to let their passions be used through them rather than let their passions use them to exhaustion.

I have a great playlist of videos on YouTube which might also encourage you and motivate you to reignite your love for your passion:

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