How to cope with being ghosted

Being ghosted is probably one of the most confusing experiences that can happen to a person, particularly in a business setting. Ghosting is the action of showing interesting, making an appearance and then suddenly disappearing after the other party has started to believe that the interest shown is genuine. People are ghosted for lots of different reasons but rarely is it about them, it is usually caused by the indecision or lack of integrity of the other party. When we talk about ghosting we usually focus on dating and romantic situations (it also happens in friendships) however ghosting in business happens as frequently as ghosting in the dating scene and this video aims to help anyone who has struggled with how to deal with being ghosted in a business and professional setting. It is a form of rejection that can often knock an entrepreneur’s confidence and whilst it can be frustrating and even hurtful I wanted to share some tips on how to overcome being ghosted.

I have been ghosted a number of times throughout the course of my business career and even though it doesn’t get any better my way of coping with it has certainly improved and I have developed coping mechanisms to make it easier to move on and not dwell on the disappointment of being ghosted. It still feels pretty bad when potential clients ghost you without an explanation but it’s important to not spend too long thinking about lost opportunities. Nobody owes you their business but basic manners and respect should be upheld, imagine if some of those clients who ghosted you were honest and gave you feedback perhaps you could have found a way to improve. You’ll never really know but one thing that does give me some comfort is it’s usually for the best if those potential clients disappear, if they can’t offer you basic respect from the start they’re definitely not the client for you.

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