The Marie Claire #CallOutRacism Campaign

In early 2017 I was asked to take part in the #CallOutRacism video campaign organised by Marie Claire. I admit whilst I was happy to share my experience in an honest and authentic way I was also mindful that discussing Race and Racism in the UK often goes hand in hand with negative backlash. We are in a country which still struggles to face up to the very real and present issues of racism that Black and minority ethnic individuals face on a day to day basis through micro and macro aggression. It came as no surprise then that there was some trolling but the despite the trolls there were so many others who actively supported the campaign. I hope this video makes a difference if only in a small way and I hope that people listen to each story and do more than empathise but speak up and call out racism.

Marie Claire asked a number of women to film an emotive piece to camera for the #CallOutRacism campaign, describing a racist incident that they have encountered in their lives. I chose an incident from my childhood which signifies the real challenges of being black in Britain, even if you are born here you are considered “other” and unwelcome. This is still an issue, something I learnt from the comments I received on social media regarding storied of young black children being bullied about their skin colour in 2017. It is sad but it is also time for us to speak up and speak out, we must not stop, we cannot give up.



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