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I was recently interviewed by the great team at PR Careers to discuss my business journey and thoughts on the PR sector as it stands, including diversity and inclusion.

Here’s an excerpt:

What do you like most about working in PR?
I really love that PR teaches you how to be mindful, reflective and how to pay attention. Working with people and managing relationships, messages and reputation means you have to always take a moment to assess words, context, nuance and behavioural patterns. The relationship aspect of PR is my favourite part of the work, getting to know people, understanding how people communicate (or don’t communicate) effectively. I also love that whilst some people see the “obvious” I can often break things down and see beyond the obvious initial message, for example looking beyond a media headline to the impact of the piece on the wider narrative.

What’s the hardest thing about working in PR?
So many clients tend to focus on media relations and want to see coverage even if their story isn’t necessarily strong or compelling enough to gain media attention. So it becomes a process of drafting interesting press releases with relevant headlines and then pitching to journalists who are constantly busy. It can be really hard to see a client gain little or no traction even after I’ve done everything I can to get them coverage…doesn’t help when a random hashtag will go viral and get more coverage than an actual story! 

Ready full interview here:

Ronke Lawal on PR Careers


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