My Interview on The BME PR Pros Site

I share my PR business journey with BME PR Pros and why it’s so important for more Black and ethnic minority people to get into the PR sector.

Here’s an excerpt:

What’s been the hardest lesson to learn?

When to say ‘no’ and charging what I’m worth. My goodness I would have gone much further so much sooner if I had learnt those lessons earlier. I’d say ‘yes’ so often even to clients who didn’t appreciate my efforts, I ended up being drained and disillusioned. Particularly when it came to charging my value, people would want to use my services but didn’t want to pay the right price and made me feel bad for asking for payment! After a while I realised if people are approaching me for PR representation then they must know I’m good and thus should be willing to pay that price. It’s taken a while but I got there eventually.

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