Featured on a List of Black British YouTubers To Watch

Being featured on the The British Blacklist site as a Black Youtuber in The UK to follow was a great honour not only because it was unexpected but because being a Black YouTuber in the UK comes with challenges but it is still a great experience. Like many other digital media platforms, Black content creators and new Black media outlets have been able to harness the online space to create a brand for themselves in a world in which Western mainstream media is not as inclusive as it should be. When I first started my YouTube channel I didn’t think too much about the fact that there were very few (if any) black British YouTubers focus on my subject matter of business and PR I just wanted to encourage and support anyone out there who is thinking about starting a business or who has a business but faces any challenges. It really is lovely to be included on this great list because it means that people are paying attention and that my channel is serving a purpose after all!


This wasn’t the first time that The British Blacklist featured me, in 2016 they interviewed me about PR and my YouTube Business channel: http://www.thebritishblacklist.com/ronke-lawal-talks-youtube-channel-pr-industry-tbb/

In 2019 I was also featured as one of “7 YouTubers to follow” by Chaud Magazine: https://chaudmag.com/2019/01/17/7-youtubers-to-follow-in-2019/

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