How minding your own business can keep you in business

When we talk about minding our own business it’s usually in reference to not being nosy and intruding on matters that do not concern us. Quite often though when we’re in business we are inadvertently spending a lot of time minding everyone else’s business when we should really be focused on our own. In this business YouTube video I discuss how easy it is become distracted by what everyone else is doing.  This is not to say that we cannot take a peek once in a while, comparative competitive analysis is healthy as long as it doesn’t stop you from moving forward. Whilst I believe that comparison can be a trap at times, if you use it to inspire and develop your own new ideas (not to copy) it can be useful. Competition will always exist and there will always be people who might appear to be doing more than you, perhaps they’re better at positioning themselves in the wider business community, perhaps they’ve been getting more media profiling than you or maybe they simply serve the needs of their  customers better.  There’s only so much time one can spend asking questions before we have to take the time to assess what needs to be resolved within our own businesses. Minding your own business isn’t just a mantra it can actually be a strategic way of doing things.

Just don’t spend all your time looking at what everyone else is doing – the more time you spend looking over your shoulder, the less time you are spending looking ahead and staying focused on the present. Whilst you’re looking at all the wonderful achievements of your competitors take the time to consider what great things you can do, how you can improve and what steps you need to take to get there.



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