Knowing Your Value and Charging What You are Worth

Knowing your worth is important in business and charging your value based on this knowledge is essential.  There is a lot of talk about staying motivated and not giving up but people don’t always talk about the common challenges that small business owners face especially those who are creatives or service providers.  From my experience there is often a disconnect between our desire to be paid our worth and our lack of desire to pay other people their worth and it shows.

This issue means a lot to me, as a business owner I have gone through the journey of learning how much to charge and standing by my value as a service provider. If you are not confident you can often be taken advantage of by potential clients. I have often found that the more confident I am the less time wasters I attract and the more likely I am to attract clients who are willing to pay me for my services. Obviously confidence building is not easy, however if you know that your product or service is of a high standard and you have testimonials to prove this you deserve to get paid your worth. You have to be clear about your offering, undertake the appropriate market analysis to assess your pricing and stand firm in your value. You’re in business to make money and if you do not charge appropriately not only will you lose money but you could lose your business (this is based on the expectation that you will be paid on time and in full)

In this video I discuss why knowing your value is so important and how to charge what you are worth in business and even in your professional life.


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