6 MORE Social Media Platforms that will Improve Your Business Profile

Social media platforms have completely changed the landscape of communication. Brand and business owners can no longer rely on the traditional channels of communication to reach their audiences particularly when it comes to maintaining credibility and managing reputation. In this day and age social media can make the difference between an all out crisis and long lasting reputation damage and test consumer loyalty. Social media also means that business owners can control their own narratives to some degree as well as prove their authenticity and credibility to their audiences. Consumers are being more and more savvy to how brands communicate particularly in terms of social issues and consciousness.

In this video I talk you through 6 more social media platforms that can be added to your marketing and PR mix and help you raise your business brand’s visibility. Not only are they easy to use but they can make such a huge difference to how your brand profile is viewed by your client/customer base. Although I don’t expect you to use all of them, it is still important to know that they exist and to spend a few moments researching whether they can be of use to your business.

A few weeks after filming this Twitter, which owns Vine, announced that it would be discounting the app – Vines will still be available to use though for the foreseeable future but not forever so if you haven’t experienced the joys of vine I recommend that you check it out while you can.

Here is my 1st video featuring this topic with 6 other platforms:


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