3 Traditional Media Platforms That all Entrepreneurs Love

Traditional media platforms include newspapers, magazines, radio, television and any media platforms that existed before the rise of digitally driven media which can include podcasts, youtube, online radio, blogs and social media. Traditional media platforms were often at the heart of many media relations campaigns and also are the driver behind the use of press releases (which aren’t dead by the way). They often held the keys to pubic influence and for the most part still do even though as we know social media is changing things. In this video I discuss the 3 traditional media platforms that business owners and entrepreneurs still love to receive coverage on/in. Despite the rise of new media and technology traditional media still makes an impact within the media relations aspect of PR for most business owners. In fact technology and social media is influencing how we digest traditional media. It is important to understand why traditional media is still crucial in the media mix and how social media has had an impact on how we consume traditional media content.

I would love to hear your thoughts in terms of the changing media environment and what the future holds for these media platforms.

In this video I spoke about the social media platforms in a separate video:


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