6 Social Media Platforms That Will Improve Your Business Profile

Social media is a powerful way of developing relationships with consumers and audiences. There are a number of social media platforms which give businesses and business owners a way to actively engage and communicate with their audiences. Businesses can make money by using social media effectively as well as manage their reputations and build lasting relationships based on trust.  Trust building is often overlooked when considering social media use, many customers are using social media to send feedback to businesses and how a business responds or deals with feedback can leave a lasting impression.  The 6 social media platforms that I discuss in this video are; Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and periscope (which is now part of twitter). In this video I talk you through 6 social media platforms which are very popularly (many of which are currently evolving and changing) that can be added to your PR and marketing mix and help you raise your business brand’s visibility. Social media is not something to be dismissed when it comes to promoting your business. You have to learn how social media can make an impact on your business brand and not overlook it’s immense power.

I shared 6 more platforms in this video:


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