Why You need To Set Goals and How to Achieve them

Goal setting is a popular term used in business but very often people get frustrated if their goals are not achieved. This frustration might be valid but it is really important to be realistic and honest when it comes to goal setting. There is very little point in setting goals if you do not do the work to achieve them.

Why do you need goals? 

  • They give your plans and even your dreams structure – it’s one thing having an idea but without goals it can be very easy to get distracted and lose focus.
  • They give you a sense of purpose – there will be times when things get tough and when you want to give up your goals give you an idea of what you might need to do to change direction or improve.  Goal setting allows you to keep track of your performance on an ongoing basis, this is not to say that you should feel pressured or become so tied to them that they become stressful but they should encourage you.
  • They give you a point of reference – sometimes you spend so much time being busy and working that you don’t give yourself the chance to celebrate your wins or see how far you have come.

One of the most popular formats of goal setting is the SMART goals format: specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, relevant and time-bound. You can however create a format that suits you. This video provides you with a few tips on how goal setting can really make a positive impact on your business success and achievements. I was inspired to film this based on my own business experience and difference that goal setting has made throughout my business career. By setting goals we are able to focus on what we want to see manifested in our businesses and in our lives as a whole. Goals are not set to restrict you, they are set to empower you. If you do not meet your goals do not punish yourself, learn from your goal setting and move forward with new insights.

Take the time to visualize what you want for your life and for your business and set those goals!



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