5 PR Tips for Brand-Conscious Entrepreneurs

PR Tips For Entrepreneurs

It’s so important for entrepreneurs to remember that they are brand ambassadors for their business, all too often many forget how influential their brand profiles can be and the impact it can have on their overall PR & Media image.

Here are just a few simple tips that every entrepreneur should keep in mind when representing their business and implementing PR as part of their core marketing strategy.

  1. Invest in good visuals for your business or yourself. The power of a good quality image is under estimated. As an individual get some good studio images and head shots (not selfies). For products get good quality product shots, they really do help sales particularly for online impact and social media sharing.
  2. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Be your own most adoring fan. If you’re doing something amazing SHARE IT! Don’t wait for people to celebrate you. Start sharing your greatness from wherever you are and the recognition will come. Don’t let anyone else’s limitations keep you from seeing what you’re capable of. Release any notions that you cannot be great in your life.  Be bold, brave and dare to be different. Not only will it make you stand out from other entrepreneurs but you will encourage and inspire others to be great too.
  3. Think before you tweet! Your social media presence should be a reflection of your business/personal brand. Whether you are the owner of a business or an employee everything you share online can easily be traced back to your brand so be wise. If you’re using social media be confident that you’re happy with what you share and always assess your intentions before sharing. Screenshots and re-posts mean that nothing on social media can ever really be erased.
  4. Be who you want to see! Represent your personal/business brand authentically and confidently both offline and online. Carry yourself in the manner in which you want to be identified as. Don’t try to replicate or impersonate anyone else, be true to yourself.
  5. Be mindful of who you share personal & private information with, as idle gossip can turn into a PR disaster too quickly. As your personal/business brand grows the number of people you can trust falls. Sad but true so be careful when sharing personal info. You will find that the more successful you become the more ‘friends’ you suddenly have, be wise and pay attention.

Leave a comment and let me know your experiences of growing your personal/business brand. You may also enjoy watching this video which offers more PR Tips for business growth.



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