How This Woman Became an Internationally Renowned Fashion Stylist

Fashion is an industry that many people want to break into but very few are prepared for the challenges that they might have to face within the industry. In this YouTube video I interviewed fashion stylist and entrepreneur, Denise Brown who has overcome many challenges throughout her life to achieve phenomenal triumphs. From bullying, life in care, family drug addiction, single motherhood, dyslexia and racial discrimination, this amazing woman in business overcame them all to become an internationally renowned fashion stylist and has worked with some of the most influential publications and top celebrities in the world.

A womenswear graduate from the world-renowned London College of Fashion, Denise acquired a strong adoration for fashion from the tender age of 12 when she picked up a needle and thread for the first time to hand sew her own outfit. Since then she has been unstoppable, proving that with passion and focus you can achieve anything.

This video not only covers her life journey but it also gives those interested in pursuing a career in fashion styling an insight into the industry. Denise offers an honest and authentic insight into her journey and the steps she took to accomplish her dreams in the fashion industry.


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