Learn To Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional online networks, it is a great tool to build business and professional relationships, promote the work that you do and keep in touch with key contacts. It is also a great content sharing platform and engagement on the platform can be a powerful way of raising visibility. Yet quite a few business owners and professionals I meet seem to have a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn.

I can understand why, it is a noisy space, a space that inadvertently leads us to compare ourselves to others. This is of course an inevitable part of human interaction online and offline,  but on a platform like LinkedIn it can feel overwhelming and frustrating. It is one of my favourite platforms but like everything even in the offline real world there will always be people who spoil it. There is a an art to self promotion, the type of intentional self promotion that isn’t about showing off for the sake of showing off but self promotion that simply showcases what you do in a way that encourages more opportunities. LinkedIn can be great for self-promotion, it is afterall a virtual resume but there are those (some might call them LinkedIn influencers) who can over do things and become a distraction. I would say  that you have to unfollow/mute people who are distracting you from your core purpose of being on LinkedIn. You can curate your timeline and regularly audit the list of those you follow. I would also set limits on the amount of time you spend on LinkedIn (like any other social media platform) so you don’t get caught in the comparison trap. In this video I provide a few quick tips that will help you to love LinkedIn.

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