Your Biggest Failures Can Lead to Your Biggest Breakthroughs

There have been many times throughout the course of my business life that I have felt like a failure. Not only did I feel like a failure but I failed quite spectacularly and it hurt. It hurt to such an extent that I just wanted to give up everything, cry constantly for a month, change my name and move to a remote island somewhere off the coast of Mozambique (the latter part might happen one day). But what I have learnt from every single time that I have experienced failure is that a bigger breakthrough was on the way. Just because the thing that I had set out to do did not work out in the way that I thought it should work out that didn’t mean that something better wasn’t just around the corner.
I just had to find the strength to believe that things could and would get better.
I just had to be patient and recognise the lesson in my failure.
I just had to be honest with myself and feel the pain and shame of failure. In fact, that feeling of shame usually comes from worrying about what other people think about me, which of course is not really the best way to live life.
As human beings our desire to be valued, noticed, validated often gets in the way of our need to truly experience all of life’s ups and downs.

Although I am by no means where I want to be in life, when I look back at some of my biggest mistakes I realise that I had to make them in order to get to where I am today. I realise now that whilst I deserve to succeed and I deserve to thrive, life is not perfect and if once in while I fail at something it’s not a bad thing. Failure is not meant to make us lose hope or retreat from our greater good, it is meant to make us work harder to get to where we need to get to in life. The most successful business people that we celebrate on a regular basis have each experienced their own share of failures along the way, they have all made mistakes and yet those failures did not stop them from experiencing their breakthroughs.

Failure is merely life’s way of reminding us that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Imagine losing it all tomorrow after investing everything you have in your dream business. What would you do? Would you give up on life or would you wake up and choose to give life your best shot. Failure does not mean that life is over, it just means that you need to find another way to experience your breakthrough and when that breakthrough comes it’s going to feel so sweet! Use every mistake you make, every failure you experience to give you the strength and courage to recognise that an even bigger breakthrough is on the way because sometimes the thing you want right now might not be what you need right now. When the time comes for you to experience true greatness, nothing will stand in your way not even the fear of failure.


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