How To Use LinkedIn to Raise Your Brand Profile

Many people join LinkedIn without understanding why or how to use the platform. It is a great platform that can be used to build and maintain business relationships as well as being a great source to spot new opportunities. It is also a very good means of sharing your own updates to a captive audience.  In this video I provide you with 6 tips that should help you to raise your brand visibility and brand profile on LinkedIn. By using the steps I outline in this video you should become more confident in using LinkedIn. A few quick points before you watch the video:

  • Make sure you keep your profile up to date – it is an “active resume” so you need to ensure that it is accurate
  • Ensure that you have a decent headshot – try as much as possible to have a good quality image on your profile.
  • Update your status with pertinent news and updates that are relevant to your brand but also useful to your network
  • Try not to “overshare”  – it has a very different style than Facebook and more often than not it is people who are acquaintances who are your connections
  • Only add people that you feel are relevant to your business/brand or people who you have met and want to keep in touch with – a catch all approach to LinkedIn means that if you add everyone not only does it become noisy but it loses its impact in the long run!

LinkedIn can be a powerful social media platform which you can use to promote your business and yourself! Use it! It’s free.


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