Lessons on Leadership from Mellody Hobson

I have admired Mellody Hobson for many years and my admiration for her has continued to grow with every new thing I learn about her business and career journey. I consider her to be one of my many virtual mentors, someone who I may never meet but who has inspired me with practical and pragmatic advice. She is a role model and a visionary who has achieved great things throughout the course of her life. In this great “CUP Conversations” interview, Mellody shares some important lessons on leadership. Leadership is one of those subjects that I believe women in business should take the time to unpack in an honest and open way. There is no one way to be a leader even if society wants us to believe that there is.

Here are some of the powerful things I learnt from watching it:

  • It’s important to push for something that others are afraid to do: it’s easier said than done but you have to be bold about your dreams and that often means moving out of your comfort zone. If you stay within your comfort zone more often than not you’ll end up stuck in a cycle that doesn’t serve you.
  • Watch what other people do and learn from them: This means changing the way you think and being willing to learn without comparing yourself to others in a way that undermines you.
  • It’s important (and OK) to make mistakes – you only learn from losing: Failing does not make you a failure – Failures build character
  • Life never gets easier but you must never give up.

Take a 5 minute break and watch it and let me know what you think!


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