Do Black Women Need To Leave The UK To Be Successful?

In April 2014 I was quoted in Pride Magazine (not a cover girl yet but I’m working on it) “Do Black Women Have To Leave The UK To Be Successful?”
Unfortunately I cannot find a link to the full article online but here is an image from the print version. The piece looks at the high number of black women who leave the UK for overseas, in particular The USA to find success.

In the piece I was quite adamant that black women should really be focusing on their countries of origin for love and support, with so many opportunities across Africa and The Caribbean I could see why I said it. Whilst I still think, as members of the Diaspora black women should look to our countries of origin for support & opportunities, I must say that I am now more passionate than ever for Black women to be recognised in their birth countries or their countries of residence. For women in the UK and indeed across Europe struggle to be acknowledged the fight is tough but certainly worth fighting. We do not live in a vacuum and deserve to be given the same opportunities as women from all backgrounds. We should not have to leave The UK to find success. It is a challenge but if we all leave to go to The US who will be left to fight for the equality of future generations. I understand from a business and economics perspective that we must go where success and money finds us, I would never in a million years discourage a Black woman from leaving this country to find her dreams elsewhere but I would love us to keep uplifting each other and encouraging each other to remain here.

What do you think? Do Black Women Need To Leave The UK To Be Successful?


Pride Magazine

Pride Magazine

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