My Experience at the Women of The Year Awards

In 2010 I was invited to attend The Women of The Year Lunch along with over 400 other amazing women from across The UK. At the time I was the CEO of The Islington Chamber of Commerce and so it was an honour to be recognised as an inspirational woman. It was an amazing afternoon but the most memorable moment for me was as I stood at the bathroom sink washing my hands and looked up to find Annie Lennox stood right beside me washing her hands too. We smiled at each other and said hello, I think I said “thank you for the music” too but I admit I was slightly star struck so I cannot be certain. This was just before the rise of the selfie and I had forgotten my phone at my table but it will always be one of my favourite moments at any event!

Women of The Year - Ronke Lawal

There were 4 Headline award recipients on the day:

The Women of the Year Lunch brings together more than 450 women from all walks of life, each handpicked for their achievements and contribution to society. Each guest is regarded as a ‘Woman of the Year’ and represents not only themselves but also the millions of extraordinary women who make a difference every day. The event sets itself apart by honouring real achievement and diversity across a variety of sectors.

For more information about The Women of The Year Event visit:

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