Bozoma Saint John: A Celebration of Magnificence

I recently discovered a new “wonderwoman” to be amazed and enthused by and her name is Bozoma Saint John, The head of global consumer marketing at iTunes and Beats Music.

In this video she gives the most incredible speech at her American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement Induction. What I loved the most was her raw authenticity, by the end of it I felt as though I should pick up the phone and invite her out for cocktails. From her incredible career journey to touching on her personal life, she gives a truly emotive speech. I particularly liked how she “owned” the fact that not everyone knows exactly what it is that she does or even how she does it (something I have spent my entire business career struggling with) but that she loves what she does because of the impact it has on herself and others.

Paying homage to her parents who taught her that “our differences make us great” and citing how her daughter inspires her to “be magnificent” she is an incredible inspiration. To see someone who loves marketing as much as I do with such confidence is encouraging and though we may never meet I appreciated the 7 minutes she shared here.


I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did!

American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement Induction Speech- Bozoma Saint John from Bozoma Saint John on Vimeo.

Ghanaian-American, Bozoma “Boz” Saint John is the head of global consumer marketing iTunes and Beats Music.

Saint John previously served as the head of the music and entertainment marketing group at Pepsi-Cola North America, where she was responsible for leading breakthrough integrated and sustained consumer engagement plans for brands across the company’s beverage portfolio. She has also spearheaded multiple 360-degree integrated branding programs that engaged tastemaker consumers through music, film, TV, print, online, grassroots, events and retail vehicles.


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