Why Self-Care is an Essential Coping Mechanism in Business

Can I be honest? Sometimes I forget what it feels like to really feel good. As a woman in business feeling successful seems to take precedence over feeling good on a holistic level and I think society sometimes discourages us from openly celebrating our happiness unless it is tied to a major life event. Thankfully they are passing moments that don’t last but they happen to me and I’m sure they happen to you too.  Don’t get me wrong of course there are going to be times when you feel down and I would definitely not urge you to deny that. I believe that even our down times serve a purpose but if we can keep an eye on what is good about life and on the fact that we deserve to feel that goodness things can get better. I believe that feeling good is self-care and it is an essential coping mechanism when you are in business or within your professional life. It is so important to do things that make you feel good about yourself and keep you going even when you’re ready to give up.

Why is it important to feel good?

Well-being – I’m not an expert but from my own experience, when I feel good about my life from a mental and spiritual perspective I feel good health-wise too. If you can find a reason to feel good about life it has an impact on your overall well-being.

Look good – When you feel good you look good which has a positive effect on your self-confidence. Remember this is about looking good for YOU not necessarily for other people, but if you feel good about yourself you will be sure to pay attention to your overall appearance. If you feel fabulous, I can guarantee it will give you the confidence to do more to raise your profile and do the things that you might have avoided in the past.

Energy – I know that when I feel good about myself and my life I suddenly feel like I can do more, I feel as though I can take on the world. Feeling good gives me that rush of energy I need to get things done. It’s a bit like a natural adrenaline rush, it feels great and you can do more with it.

Self Love – When you truly feel good about your life you will know how to really take care of yourself. You will step away from anything that suddenly makes you feel bad or inadequate because you want to stay in that happy place. Don’t get me wrong, self-love doesn’t mean that you should avoid your responsibilities but it does mean that you know when to say NO when things are not in alignment with your greater good.

Lessons in Life – Feeling good about life becomes contagious, people pay attention and take notice of what happens when you start feeling good about life. It teaches people to find something to feel good about and gives them hope even when they are struggling.

This is not about seeking temporary pleasure, becoming addicted to motivation without action or running away from the very necessary healing that you need to undertake. Self-care is about recognising what keeps you going and fuels you to live a life that you enjoy even when it is not perfect. I hope this piece helps you and that you recognise the importance of feeling good!


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