My Interview on The Africa Business Communities E-Magazine

Africa Business Communities

The wonderful team at Africa Business Communities interviewed me – here is an excerpt of my responses:

In which industries does Ariatu PR operate and who are your clients?

Ariatu PR is geared towards a number of different business sectors and we currently represent clients in variety of industries including the entertainment, fashion, lifestyle & beauty, food, luxury goods sectors and corporate sector. I love working with ambitious businesses which is why the vast majority of our most recent clients have been from across Africa. African entrepreneurs have a hunger and appetite for doing business which is unprecedented and most certainly not documented enough in Western Media. This is why it is so exciting to undertake press and media campaigns to address this much needed balance of perspectives about African business and business owners.

What are the USPs of your business?

Ariatu PR is dedicated to excellence and dedicated to going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. We want the world to know that African Businesses can be and are professional, newsworthy and adaptable to change and our genuine passion for sharing this message.

By staying focused on who are clients are and being authentic has been a powerful USP as it helps us to maintain our integrity in all that we do. What you see is pretty much what you get and fundamentally this principle works in business, much in the same way as it does in life.

Loved answering these questions.

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