My Interview on Girls Talk London

I’m really humbled and honoured to have been interviewed for the Girls Talk London Site for their International Women’s Month #WeCelebrateHer Campaign. Girls Talk London is an organisation that connects women with Senior and leading women in competitive & male dominated industries through informal Q & A sessions where these women discuss their career journey and offer tips and advice to the audience in relation to careers and their life lessons.

This was one of the fun questions I answered:

What Kind of teenager were you?
I was a geek, a popular geek. I had plenty of friends (although not all of them were good to or for me). I read lots of books and studied hard, there was no room for anything less than academic success in my family. My mother would not have accepted failure unless there were some kind of medical affliction and even then I’d still have to study! I used to set my self mini goals outside of studying, because my pocket money was not huge I learnt how to save for everything I wanted. Magazines and CDs were my 2 favourite things to spend money on…oh and blank tapes to record songs from the radio! Times were so much fun in the 90s! LOL!

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