What You Should Do If You Go Viral

In today’s digital era going viral is not impossible and in fact it is happening more and more frequently as new media has become more popular than traditional media. It is a fascinating occurrence which is, more often than not, unpredictable and this is what makes it so exciting. If we were able to measure or predict the ability to go viral too much it would lose its essence and that sense of collective enthusiasm. Brands and media outlets try to tap into this sensation and if done correctly it works but if forced down people’s throats it can come across as inauthentic. The beauty of “viral sensations” is that they are usually just normal people (sometimes influencers who already know what their audience wants) who share content at the right moment on social media.

In this video I offer some guidance on how you can deal with going viral and what you should do to capitalise on your moment in the spotlight. Going viral does not guarantee long benefits unless you are willing to do the work. I made this video so that when the news cycles move on you have strategies and steps to ensure that you can take advantage of your “15 minutes of online fame”:

Here are a few recent viral clips that have lead to some exciting opportunities and exposure for the people involved.

This adorable video of Zoe Turner trying to speak to get Alexa to play her favourite song “Baby Shark” and it soon went viral across social media and achieved plenty of press coverage:

Osh with “My Yé Is Different To Your Yé” has had extensive media coverage from a viral clip that was posted on his instagram (which has since been removed) and might even end up with a music contract. Who knows? This twitter post suggests that the future is bright:

The Habituetoi collective went viral with this clip of them doing the Kupe Dance Challenge – their online influence has gone through the roof and they have gone on international tour…


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How Much Should You Pay Influencers?

Working with influencers has become an important part of the PR and branding building mix. By working with influencers brands can reach audiences that traditional advertising, PR and marketing campaigns might miss and the ROI can be very beneficial. Influencers very often have a captive audience, their followers have become their digital tribe and so whatever they showcase, discuss, comment on draws the attention of their followers. Influencer marketing therefore has become big business; in the UK alone “one in four Brits has bought a product as a direct result of social influencer recommendations – but 42% called for content creators and influencers to curb the fake news and offensive opinions” according to research from Golin (2018). This highlights the need for transparency from influencers and brands as advertising regulations stipulate that all paid for content should be made clear. If you are willing to pay for content creation the question that often arises, particularly for small brands, is how much they should pay for influencer marketing.  Brands are not always sure how much they should be paying or if they should be paying in the first place.

A few things to keep in mind as you watch this video:

  • Be clear on the audience you want to attract by working with an influencer of any size.
  • Always do your research and due diligence on them – do not get caught up in the follower count of an influencer.
  • Build a relationship with the influencers that you want to work with
  • Be respectful of an influencer’s platform – they cannot be dictated to.

This video will give you some key tips that you should keep in mind when building relationships with influencers. Watch and share your thoughts.

This infographic is a useful tool in understand the value of influencer marketing and includes some useful points to pay attention to including follower count vs engagement.

How Much To Pay Influencers


How To Work With Influencers

In this video I discuss how businesses and brands can build effective relationships with influencers.  Influencer marketing is a form of marketing which focuses on working influential people with strong digital footprints to reach a target audience. Influencers have a dedicated and loyal digital tribe which can give brands the opportunity to have impact on captive audiences. Whilst working with influencers is a powerful PR and marketing tool it has to be undertaken with a strategic perspective.

There has been a lot of speculation recently about the value that influencers bring to brands’ PR and marketing campaigns. I still believe that the relationship brands (specifically small ones) and influencers have, can be a powerful one and they can really make an impact within a PR and marketing campaign. However a lack of communication, misunderstanding and lack of education is having a negative impact on the relationship dynamics between the two parties. Influencers who are working on building their own personal brand in the digital space are seeing large brands working with their colleagues and counterparts within the industry and sometimes they’re not able to understand that not all brands have the same level of budget. On the flipside brands and businesses aren’t always clear about what it is they are looking for, what the intention of an influencer campaign is and what their expectations are.

The following story is a great example of how a brand and influencer potential relationship can fall apart:

In this video I aim to help small businesses understand how to work with influencers, engage with influencer and help them understand how to communicate effectively so room for a fruitful relationship built upon on a long-term basis.

6 Ways To Turn Your Online Community Into Paying Customers

How To Turn Your Online Community Into Paying Customers

I love the immense potential of social media, there are so many opportunities to build a community of supporters, friends and even brand ambassadors using social media. For too long people have discredited social media as not being a “serious” way of building a business and just another noisy distraction from achieving tangible goals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media is not only a powerful tool in PR, Communications and Marketing but it can also lead to high returns if you are strategic and smart about how you use your online presence. When it comes to selling online, many people are uncomfortable because they don’t want to sound too much like “sales”. But sales can be sexy especially if what you have to offer is high quality and adds value to your online community’s life.

Here are 6 ways that you can turn your online community into paying customers:

Keep reminding people of what you have to sell: You would be surprised how often people forget what you do, even if you have a really good profile people need to be remind. Do not hesitate to just share an update reminding people of what you do and what you have to offer. It is a simply as that.

Make it easy for people to spend their money: Include a link in your bio and with any relevant updates that you share. Make it easy for people to find out how to buy from you, if they have to spend too long looking then the chances for conversion are reduced pretty quickly.

Don’t be shy: If you have achieved something great, do not hesitate to share your good news story and to celebrate online so that your online community can celebrate with you and it also adds further credibility to your brand image.

Be multi-dimensional and authentic: As you share your business and brand message be authentic without being restrictive. If you become too one dimensional and repetitive there is a risk that people will become weary of your sales communications online particularly if it is all one-sided. Be open to sharing other people’s news and stories without expectation.

Always be grateful: Thanking members of your community who have already been customers is a great way of letting other members of your online community know that you are grateful for their support. Gratitude, online and offline leads to abundance.

Be consistent: If you are consistently sharing your business brand news and and updates after a while people are more like to not only remember you but also trust that you will be able to deliver. Be consistent with your online community in order to build the level of trust and loyalty which will make them feel confident enough to spend money with you.

I hope these points help and if you enjoyed these points make sure to share or order one of my eGuides!

How To Use Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

In this video I provide some straightforward advice on how to use social media mindfully and therefore not becoming overwhelmed by it!  Too often people complain that  they can’t keep up with social media platforms but when using them for business remember that your intention has to be clear, you do not have to be on every single platform in order to make an impact. If you focus on the platforms that your customers/clients engage with you the most on and that can make an impact on your business brand you will see that social media can be a great way to raise your brand visibility. It really is not complicated but some people spend too much time trying to over-complicate things. Much like anything in life once you learn how to use  a platform and get into the habit of using it (mindfully) you will start to see an impact without feeling overwhelming. Remember you control social media, don’t let it control you!

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