How Much More Motivation do You Really Need?

Motivation should be part of your regular life – it is necessary to keep you uplifted but some of us get stuck on being motivated and do not move beyond the message. How many motivational books and quotes have you read? How many motivational conferences do you attend? How many videos and podcasts do you listen to? I ask this not to say that you should stop being motivated but if you are not using the principles that you are learning to move forward what is the point? Some people are genuinely stuck in the motivational cycle – constantly seeking the answer to the questions they already have the capability of answering for themselves. I have been inspired by so many great book and inspirational business leaders like Oprah and Carla Harris, I have spent time listening to so many fantastic interviews and every time I am uplifted by their messages I do my best to activate the lessons from those messages. That is what I would like you to do – I would like you to start activating the lesson in every motivational message you hear/read/watch. Activating may not even mean doing something tangible in that moment it could be finding peace and joy at a time when you feel down and worried.  

In this video I ask you to think about how much more motivation you need and how you can move forward in the direction of your goals: 

How To Deal With Jealous People

As we go though the journey of life one of the greatest challenges that we are faced with is how to cope with situations surrounding jealousy. A follower asked me how we can deal with situations in which other people are jealous of our success (or what we perceive to be jealousy). This often arises when you are doing well in life, thriving and achieving certain goals that you have set and you notice that people are not responding with positive energy or not responding at all i.e. not celebrating with you as you rise. Hopefully most people are able to keep their jealousy under wraps without it having a negative impact on your relationship but once in a while they allow it to manifest through gossip and negative interactions.

In this video I provide some straightforward advice on how to deal with it! Jealousy is often a reflection of people’s insecurities and one of the worst things we can do is stay stuck on any thoughts or feelings associated with responding to jealous people. Jealousy stems from the mindset that there is not enough in the world for all of us to enjoy, once we realize that there is more than enough for us all share then the very essence of jealousy subsides.

The best thing that you can do is to continue to move forward. Watch this video and share your thoughts!

Watch my other video on how to cope with your own jealousy

What To Do When You Become Bored of Your Passion

What To Do When You Become Bored of Your Passion

I recently had a conversation with a business owner who loved her business but was becoming bored of the business of doing the business. The actual essence of her craft still brought her much pleasure and joy but the nitty gritty, the admin, the behind the scenes work was wearing her down. She was becoming exhausted with the process of doing, not the hard work so to speak but all the things that take up a lot of time and energy to keep the business ticking over. These things were making her tired and possibly even bored of her passion. I held no judgement against her, being in business is HARD WORK. It can be great fun, spectacularly freeing and filled with opportunity but it can also be exhausting, lonely and at times painful.  When it comes to losing interest in your passion it’s important to take stock. I definitely think that passions can manifest and evolve.

Here a few way that you can still enjoy your passion without falling out of love with it completely:

Delegate: Find good quality staff and/or freelancers who can help to ease the pressure and do the things that you don’t enjoy. Delegation is to be embraced, there are people who are gifted in various areas that are just not your forte and you are wasting your energy by trying to cut costs/save money by simply not investing in help.

Find New Avenues For Growth: Your passion can still be used in other areas such as public speaking, advisory, being on a board. Be strategic and think creatively.

Seek Guidance: Speak to someone you respect who can guide and support you in understanding why your energy levels are dipping. It’s good to talk not only for your strategy but also for your mental health.

Take A Break: Sometimes that feeling of boredom or exhaustion is simply a sign that you’re about to burn out. Take a break. I understand that you might be worried that taking time off from your business means losing money but if you are struggling there won’t be a business to worry about because it will eventually fail without a happy and healthy leader.

Be Honest: Take the time to truly assess everything that you like and dislike about your business passion, take the time to weigh up the pros and cons of remaining in your current direction and then be honest. It might be time for a change, what that change will be is up to you.

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully provides you with a guide to help you in the midst of any confusion or doubt. Whilst I would love to simply say “never give up” for some people it’s not as simple as that, for some it’s about finding another way as opposed to not giving up.

Remember the most successful people find ways to let their passions be used through them rather than let their passions use them to exhaustion.

You’re Not Shy, You’re Afraid To Shine

According to the dictionary the definition of shy is to feel” nervous or timid in the company of other people, less than”. Feeling nervous is natural when it is compounded by doubt, however if we allow nerves to rule us it can block us from our progress. The mindset of feeling “less than” means that individuals are not stepping into spaces that they might need to be in, in order for them to thrive. Feeling shy is normal, it is sometimes cute but when it becomes a persistent part of our lives it leads to habits that do not allow us to truly grow. As the founder of a PR consultancy, I often meet people who are super excited about working with a PR agency but then suddenly shut down at the very idea of having to give interviews or shine the spotlight on their involvement in the business. This stems from their own shyness, as they would describe and yet more often than not I have to say that they are not shy, they are simply afraid to shine. Being shy is another symptom of fear, fear that you do not measure up, fear that you will be exposed as a “fraud” and it is that fear that keeps holding people back.

People need to build their confidence when working on being the face of their brands or the public face of their businesses. It is so important to do the work to allow your business success to shine and thrive and even if it is not for business use the thoughts I have shared in this video to work on overcoming your shyness and build your confidence.

5 Powerful Life Lessons From Oprah Winfrey

5 Powerful Life Lessons From Oprah Winfrey

Screenshot from Essence YouTube

If you know anything about me then you know that I have an immense amount of admiration and respect for Oprah Winfrey. I see her as a teacher and a mentor even though I have not met her (yet). If you watch her give this keynote speech at the 2016 Essence Festival you will hopefully understand why Oprah is such a formidable woman.

Watch Oprah’s speech here:

Here are 5 powerful lessons that I learnt from Oprah’s inspirational speech:

Be Authentic: “Your life is huge, and we spend so much time wanting to be in somebody else’s life, and you don’t get honored, you don’t get revered, you don’t get celebrated wanting what somebody else has.”

To me this is one of the most powerful lessons that Oprah could ever teach us, you really have to be yourself. We live in a world in which so many people are looking to be carbon copies of their favourite celebrities or looking at what our peers have and wanting what they have.  Be yourself, be real, be authentic.

Be Intentional: “Before you think about the thing, you have an intention about the thing. The intention in which you give determines the outcome. My intention to live to the highest calling and be pressed to the mark of the highest calling.”

Each and everyday we have to ask ourselves why we are doing what we do? What is our intention? What is our purpose? Without knowing what our intention is we can easily get swept away in the business of life, with no direction and ultimately no fulfillment.

Surrender: “When you’ve done everything you can do, you don’t just have to stand. When you’ve prayed and … wanted and dreamed and held on and believed and got turned down and turned back and turned around, it taught me when you’ve done everything you can do, Surrender all. Surrender all. The magic is to surrender to God’s dream for you. Quit fighting and pushing against and disallowing against and stop trying to tell the Creator what you’re supposed to do. Get still and know that His dream is for you.”

This for me is the biggest challenge, knowing when to just let go and surrender to the will of a Greater Power. To be aware that, when all is said and done, what is humanly possible is not always what is ultimately possible until we just let go.

Take Responsibility:  “You have no power over any territory other than your own, but you are the master of that. You get to be the captain of your own soul and if you just manage that, if you just took care of your territory, all the glorious, glorious, glorious wondrous opportunities and possibilities are waiting for you.”

How much of a wake up call is THIS? Imagine having to take full responsibility for your life choices and life journey! There really are no more excuses, you really cannot blame anyone else when you realise that you are in control of your own destiny. There will always be external forces at play, but we have to find a way to break the barriers of defeat and disappointment that often try to keep us trapped.

Believe: “So often we spend our lives hoping and wishing and hoping and wishing and desiring things. This is what I know for sure: You don’t get what you hope for. You don’t get get what you wish for. You get what you believe.”

This is really what it’s all about, you have to believe in yourself enough to know that you will achieve your heart’s desires.

I hope you feel inspired enough to move into action!