My Invitation To Speak at The 2012 AWODIAG Symposium in Paris

Professional African Women of The Diaspora launch its first Annual Symposium in Paris. The Symposium will focus on “Economic Perspectives for Value Creation” in business and professional lives of  Female African and Caribbean living in Diaspora.

Ronke Lawal, PR and Marketing Agency Founder and Chief Executive of The Islington Chamber of Commerce will be speaking on her professional journey and key strategies to success. The Symposium takes place on January 28th 2012, at The French Parliament House in Paris.

Participation to the Symposium is free of charge but registration compulsory and will end on 16 January  2012. Ronke won “Inspiring Leader of the Year” at The Precious Awards 2011.


Many Professional African women of the Diaspora within Europe are faced with the double challenges of latent professional discrimination in their country of adoption and a governmental “blindness” on their existence in the country of origin. AWODIAG seeks to remedy these problems by bringing together Professional African Women in Diaspora from around the globe and Professional African Women living on the African Continent. AWODIAG will act as a lobbying body and professional think tank which seeks to address the issues of gender imbalances and racial discrimination within Europe.

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