Knowing Your Brand on the What Matters? Podcast

I really enjoyed speaking to Alex ‘Reads’ Holmes on his What Matters? podcast. We talk about everything from being Black in Public Relations to reputation and crisis. I really enjoyed discussing the relationship between PR and the media in terms of the media relations cycle. We also talked about pop culture, cancel culture and how social media drives the media these days and how social media can have an impact on both individual and business reputations. We also tapped into the concept of appreciating the gifts you have and your worth.  Here’s a clip from the episode:

Alex, who is a journalist by profession,  is a great podcast host and passionate about using his platform to discuss well-being, life and the pursuit of happiness through business, artistry and mental health.  This episode was not only fun but it really made me think about my own path and journey to building my business and personal brand and made me stop to really think about the question “What Matters?”

Listen to “#24 Ronke Lawal: Knowing Your Brand” on Spreaker.

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