How To Work a Room Networking Workshop 2019

In this interactive session I will provide delegates with tips and tactics to improve their confidence and get the most out of networking in a way that makes it fun, authentic and intentional.

Networking is a great way to raise your business profile and get new clients or build relationships in your professional career. You have to remember that although your skills get your through the door, hard work is not enough to grow your brand you have to build relationships. It is a brand and relationship building exercise, by building strong relationships you can enhance your brand recognition, strengthen your reputation and open new doors of opportunity for yourself and others.

    • CONFIDENCE BUILDING TACTICS – How to get over the fear of networking.
    • TELLING YOUR STORY – Being able to pinpoint what makes you unique.
    • PUBLIC SPEAKING – Advice and guidance on becoming a more confident public speaker.
    • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – having meaningful conversations and making meaningful connections
    • PERSONAL BRANDING – having a strong personal brand can make an impact on your ongoing relationships.
    • USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NETWORKING PURPOSES – Using social media effectively.

How To Work a Room Networking Workshop 2019

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