Business Seminar: How To Get Media Coverage for Your Business July 12th 2018

In this comprehensive business seminar small business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how to undertake their own PR media campaigns and get media attention for their business brands.

Core elements of the seminar will include:

    • Understanding PR and the media, and the impact it has on business growth.
    • Telling Your Business Story – How to write a great press release with a winning headline.
    • How To Use Media Coverage To Grow Your Business – Using media coverage to attract new customers and clients
    • Identifying Your Audience – Learn how to position the brand to get the right press in front of the right audience.
    • Use Social Media To Make An Impact – Pinpointing the best social media platforms necessary to amplify the brand.


How To Get Media coverage for your business

Ronke Lawal, Founder of Ariatu PR is dedicated to seeing small business shine and succeed, using over a decade of business experience she will be giving business owners an overview of how to use PR to gain media coverage and ultimately grow their business.

About The AFFORD Business Club

AFFORD Business club will support African diaspora entrepreneurs by providing business development support to entrepreneurs who seek to develop or launch their businesses in Africa.

If you are an African Diaspora entrepreneur then the AFFORD Business club is an ideal space to network, and get support for your business, in the diaspora, and in Africa.

We provide business development support and services to innovative, fast-growing diaspora SMEs to ensure they can – deliver their core business; produce socially-responsible products and services; and create well-paid, and sustainable jobs to contribute to Africa’s wealth and prosperity. For more information and to become a member:

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