Problematic Tweets and Celebrity Apologies

Social media seems to be the cause of many a PR disaster particularly twitter. Twitter seems to be the platform that people not only use to share problematic messages but also share their apologies too. This can happen to business owners, entrepreneurs, every day individuals and celebrities alike. It seems that people forget that the internet does not forget and what is posted on any social media platform is visible to the world.

Recently Maya Jama, celebrity TV presenter/personality in the UK was caught up in a PR disaster after problematic tweets she posted between 2012 and 2013 were dug up. I’ve created this video to address not only Maya Jama’s Twitter scandal but also how other celebrities and everyone can use social media to amplify problematic views and offensive mindsets/narratives.

Here are Maya Jama’s apologies:

I also look at how apologies are become ineffective in light of these situations, and whilst I don’t give all my strategic advice away in the video, I do offer some insight from a PR perspective.

Watch and share your thoughts.

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