How To Prepare For Your First Media Interview

One of the most powerful aspects of public relations is media relations. Many brands and individuals seek PR agencies to undertake a media relations campaign in order to get featured by the press and it is a great way to build credibility. Media coverage raises awareness of your brand and the work of your business and encourages people to pay attention to your business. If you or your PR agency has been fortunate enough to get you media exposure then it is important that you take the time to prepare especially if it is your first time which is why media training is so important.Media training

I wrote this easy to use media training Ariatu PR eGuide provides constructive tips and advice on how to prepare for a range of media interviews via traditional media and new media. This is ideal for individuals who are about to conduct their first media interview and is an ideal tool to prepare for press coverage. Make sure you order your own copy here.


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