How To Use Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

In this video I provide some straightforward advice on how to use social media mindfully and therefore not becoming overwhelmed by it!  Too often people complain that  they can’t keep up with social media platforms but when using them for business remember that your intention has to be clear, you do not have to be on every single platform in order to make an impact. If you focus on the platforms that your customers/clients engage with you the most on and that can make an impact on your business brand you will see that social media can be a great way to raise your brand visibility. It really is not complicated but some people spend too much time trying to over-complicate things. Much like anything in life once you learn how to use  a platform and get into the habit of using it (mindfully) you will start to see an impact without feeling overwhelming. Remember you control social media, don’t let it control you!

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