You Are The Superstar of Your Life

Everyone needs a pep talk once in a while and this video is a reminder to celebrate yourself like you are the superstar of your own life. Whether you are a professional, creative or a business owner I believe it is really important to encourage yourself and do whatever it takes to work on your confidence, particularly if you are a woman. We live in a world that does not always like to see confident women, we are not taught to be bold or to own our greatness and qill often be called intimidating or arrogant when we are overtly confident.

Of course I not encouraging narcissism,  I am encouraging self awareness and self confidence. I want more women to celebrate their successes boldly and authentically without dimming their lights to make others more comfortable or losing sight of who they really are in the process.

In the video above I wanted to remind you to give yourself the same amount of kudos as you would anyone else who is doing great things in life. Even if you feel like you are in tough situation right now, take a moment to recognise that you are worthy of celebration. I know it is not always easy and I know that sometimes life gets really tough but that is all the more reason to celebrate your wins. You deserve good things to happen to you, you are not an impostor, you are making progress. Do whatever you need to do to build your confidence each and every day and believe that you really are worthy, if that means investing in a life coach or a therapist or finding yourself a mentor do it. I hope this video and this piece helps you to take a moment to see how amazing you are and how amazing you can be!

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