My PR Tips For The Baking Industry On Sweet Cake TV

What’s sweeter than freshly baked cake?

Freshly baked cake that is getting the publicity and PR profile that it deserves! In this interview profile piece I offer some tips and advice for cake businesses on the value and importance of PR as part of their marketing mix. Read full interview here:

Ronke Lawal Sweet Cake TV

As the first platform that teaches baking and cake decorating online in the African market, Sweet Cake TV was founded as a way to fulfil the demand for access to world-class quality baking and cake decorating tutorials and ethical business knowledge that is catered towards cake decorators and cake business owners worldwide. Sweet Cake TV is particularly aware of the challenges faced by cake decorators and business owners and is dedicated to collating and providing the best information available to help cake business owners confidently build ethical and profitable businesses.


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