Uncover Your Destiny On May 21st With Covenant Generation

I will be speaking at Your Destiny 1.0 hosted by Covenant Generation with a panel of phenomenal speakers with whom I will be sharing my interpretation of Destiny, my story and path to discovery. Your Destiny 1.0 is an event that seeks to help individuals discover and address the issues and challenges in actualizing one’s destiny.

Tickets are FREE but booking is essential – click here to book.

Why this Event?

Over your lifetime, you are likely to spend about 99,000 hours making a living. That is 40 percent of your waking time at work. This will be more for entrepreneurs and senior management. If you don’t enjoy what you do or believe it serves a valuable purpose, then it isn’t that investment of your time.

The truth is most of us might never enjoy what we do, let alone fulfill our purpose on this plane. But Your Destiny 1.0 would like to change that.

Watch the superb promotional video about the event:


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