What Is The Secret To PR Success?

Whenever a potential client approaches Ariatu PR to undertake media relations as part of their PR strategy I ensure that I ask a number of questions to ensure that they get the best service possible but one of the main questions is: DO YOU HAVE A STORY THAT IS NEWSWORTHY? 

Everyone thinks that they have a “story” and although many stories are interesting from an anecdotal, inspirational angle they may not be interesting from a media angle.

Look at what is happening in the news and what the media outlets that you wish to target are currently reporting. Will your business/professional story be of interest to them? What is the intention behind sharing the story?

Have you written a compelling press release which makes it easy to see why your business will be the “next big thing”?  There are so many factors which can lead to a winning media relations campaign not to forget how powerful social media has become in attracting media attention. So many traditional media platforms are using stories that are trending on social media to build day-to-day content. So as you can imagine there is a lot of work that goes into shaping a story for a media relations campaign within PR.

Here’s a great infographic (By Katherine Zimoulis) which explains this further.



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